Tommy Johansen

About me.

I’m a bit of a dreamer

My name is Tommy Johansen born in 1975 in Lofoten islands Norway, Spent my first 25 years in Lofoten. After this i spent some years up north in finnmark and some in south of Norway. Started out as an 5th generation fisherman did drift in to mechanics, a bit of Cooking and some other small jobs here and there.

My mom hates to be photographed, so one of my favorite things to do when i was a kid was simply trying to surprise here and make a photo of here. How ever the film in cameras at that time was expensive to get developed, so you can imagine the rage every time i “waste” one on her so to speak. That’s the initial spark of interest for photos “making memory's or thrills”. Years past and one day Mobile phones had cameras, I remember my first with photo capabilities. The joy and happiness it brought until the day it fell in sea water and died….. I did spend some time working my butt of to be able to afford a new one. This was my gateway in to digital photos and the understanding behind exposure, I spent time dreaming of owning a DSLR but i was not able to afford this for years, so i forgot about it until i got a girlfriend ho had one. The passion was back and i found my self hungering for a DSLR of my own, I’m thankful for all the times she let me borrow the DSLR! I bought a secondhand Pentax first, mostly the price was the reason and the fact i was about to wear out her DSLR from my extensive shooting. The Pentax did work okay and i had a lot of fun with it, but it did not cut it. The day i was able to get a secondhand Canon 5D Mk II my photographing changed.

So why a 5D mk II ?
During my awakening and eager i spent time trying to find my home so to speak, felt a need to pick a style and something to specialize in. Night photos or low light photography caught my eye and on a visit back home in Lofoten i found my self rediscovering the Aurora Borealis, I had forgotten about it and the joy of child hood memory's with clear frosty nights under the stars looking at constellations and the Auroras was brought back to me. The 5D mk II was the best low light camera i was able to afford at that point in time.
To say i’m self thought is a lie, but i have no education in the subject of photography. Trial and error have been my friend so have the wast amount of “How to“ videos on youtube and the advice from my girlfriend at the time of awakening. Then life happen relationship did end and i found my self having to rethink my life and what to do with it, My passion for photography was the one thing i had left that gave me a sens of joy in an some what dark time of my life. My journey led me back to Lofoten islands where i until this day find my joys chasing the green skirts of Aurora Borealis my true love.